Sophie Doll

First Impressions

When you visit the first tour page for Sophie Doll´s site there´s a video playing in which she tries to entice you into joining. It shows some of the most inventive POV porn I´ve ever seen where she´s basically simulating you fucking her without actually showing a cock. Then she sucks on a dildo to complete the arousal cycle and you´re probably ready to whip out your credit card and sign up. She has a sweet smile and a slim, tight body that I´m looking forward to seeing more of.

Hot Promises

Sophie is 19 years old and she loves taking naughty pictures for all her fans online. She shows off her pussy and tits in the member´s area and from the video we can glean that she sucks at least one dildo. There are ten free images on the tour and each shows her in something new and doing something naughty. In one she´s fucking her pussy with a dildo so you´re going to see a fair amount of that I bet. She advertises tons of pics, hot videos of her and her friends getting wild and other than that it´s a lot of media to entice and arouse you.


The latest photo sets are listed on the main page but only one is dated, which had me curious. It seems like sites only pull that kind of stuff when they´re lying and a little bit of research shows that Sophie Doll´s site isn´t actually updated. The content has been static for quite some time now with 50 picture sets and 2 videos there for browsing. Technically new content is added to the site but it´s just stuff that´s been pulled off the back end. It´s an annoying practice but you will get to see new stuff if you´re a member, at least in the picture section. The videos will remain static at 2 forever.

Most picture sets have 80-120 images at 1100px. The thumbnails load quickly, as do the full size images so they´ve obviously invested in a quality server and hosting company. The videos are available at 360x240 and 720x480 and like the pictures they download quickly. Sophie Doll may only have 50 picture sets available at any given time but she´s great about posing in a variety of different outfits, lingerie sets and bikinis. She´s a solo girl so she really has to mix it up in that regard or the site can get very boring after a while.

Let´s talk a little about the stuff she poses in. The lingerie sets are my favorite, though they make up a relatively small portion of the content. If you´ve seen the tour then you know that Sophie has an incredibly slim, trim and sexy body so she wears lingerie very well. Just about anything would look good on her body because there are now flaws. In one of my favorite lingerie galleries she´s wearing a black camisole with pink lace trim and matching panties and she looks terrific. Her legs are like a supermodel´s they´re so long and thin. Just imagine running your hand up and down the smooth skin and then plating a gentle kiss on her tight tummy before moving up to her tits for some nipple play. This is the kind of fun you can have in one of her picture galleries because she happily takes it all off and lets you check out her naughty parts.

It stands to reason that if she looks good in lingerie then Sophie will blow your mind in a bikini and that´s most definitely the case. The first bikini set I clicked on shows her in a colorful, tropical looking two piece that offers very little coverage, which is sort of the point. She´s standing by the pool in the gallery and doing a striptease while the sun shines down and makes her look even more beautiful. There´s nothing like her sweet smile illuminated by the bright light from above.

Sophie Doll also poses in lots of ´normal´ clothing, basically meaning non-lingerie and non-bikinis. One of my favorite sets has her in what she calls a wholesome dress. It looks straight out of the 50s with a billowing skirt and a snug top. It´s white and red and she looks totally adorable in that wholesome housewife kind of way. However, you know that this girl is always thinking naughty stuff so then the gallery turns into a good girl gone bad kind of thing and it´s extra fun. There are a few other dress galleries in the mix that never fail to be sexy.

Sophie has a lot of cute, teen clothing that she likes to wear including lots of tank tops and cute panty sets. It was while exploring one of those galleries that I discovered a dildo fucking gallery. She was in her living room posing in a cute cotton top and panties and after 30 pictures she pulled her panties aside and stuffed the dildo inside. In one picture she spreads her lips apart and uses her pussy muscles to hold the dildo in there. It was stunningly arousing and led me to think about what it would be like to introduce my flesh dildo to her teen pussy. There´s also a great gallery with a blue dildo that she sucks lustily and then introduces to her pussy.

There are two videos and I was disappointed to find that neither features the sexy stuff that was shown on the tour. Where is that stuff´ Where´s the shot of her lying on the bed riding a cock and sucking on a dildo like a hottie´ Both videos currently in the member´s area show her in the bathroom. In one the shower is running as she fucks her pussy with a dildo and in the other she actually takes a shower, washing that hot little body of hers with soap. The videos are unequivocally hot as Sophie puts on a great show, especially when she´s fucking her pussy. She moans and groans like a hot little slut and the camera gets real close to her pussy so you can see the toy driving in deep. Still, I want all the videos she has produced, not a small sample.

Croco´s Opinion

Sophie Doll is really good looking, especially when she flashes that bright and wide smile. She has 50 picture galleries and 2 videos in her member´s area and though she adds new picture galleries every so often the number doesn´t actually increase because they just pull one off the back end. It´s bizarre and annoying but you get plenty of content. Sophie poses in a wide variety of outfits and she looks drop dead gorgeous in each because she has a flawless body and a knockout smile. There are two videos as well and both are fantastic, although don´t expect to see the videos previewed on the tour. Apparently those are hidden somewhere else. Nevertheless I really liked the site thanks to the dynamic teen starring in it.


The site is very well organized and browsing is a breeze.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 every 30 days recurring.

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